Explore: 10 Best Things to Do in Budva

July 20th 2023 in Explore
Explore: 10 Best Things to Do in Budva

10 Best Things to Do in Budva

Discover the diverse attractions of Budva beyond its picturesque beaches with our list of top things to do. Whether seeking a thrilling adventure or a peaceful retreat, this Montenegrin paradise caters to all. While the stunning coastline draws most visitors, adrenaline junkies can indulge in cliff-diving or paragliding for breathtaking views of the Adriatic. Alternatively, take a break from the bustling town centre and explore the serene mountains and forests.

Like many coastal destinations in the Mediterranean and Balkans, seafood is a highlight of Budva’s culinary scene. Come evening, unwind in cosy cocktail bars and pubs with chilled drinks to beat the heat or get your buzz on. Whether your preference is relaxation or excitement, Budva offers an abundance of hidden gems to discover.

Budva Riveria

Discover the beauty of the Budva Riviera, a 35-km coastal strip that surrounds the town of Budva. This destination is perfect for budget-conscious travellers, families, photo enthusiasts, and adventure-seekers. During summer, visitors flock to its beaches for diving, snorkelling, and other fun activities. The northern beaches like Mogren and Jaz are top-rated and can get crowded from June to August, while the southern remote beaches offer a tranquil and untouched experience.

After soaking up the sun, head to the waterfront pop-up seafood market for some fresh fish, prawns, squid, and oysters. You can also explore Slovenska, the main thoroughfare of Budva Riviera, where you’ll find a concentration of shopping and nightlife options.

Take advantage of the chance to get your daily dose of Vitamin D while enjoying the Budva Riviera’s stunning beaches. Located in Budva, Montenegro, this destination promises a memorable experience.

Moderna Galerija

Visit the Modern Gallery of Budva, also known as the Moderna Galerija, to admire the masterpieces of renowned painters from Montenegro and the former Yugoslavia. Located in the Old Town, this gallery offers a peaceful respite from the busy beaches and features works by Petar Lubarda, Milo Milunović, Milan Konjović, and other celebrated artists. The exhibition halls also showcase sculptures and drawings by international artists. Best of all, admission to Moderna Galerija is free. Keep an eye out for exhibitions by local artists held periodically. You can find the gallery at Cara Dušana 19 in Budva, Montenegro. It’s open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 9 pm but closed on weekends.

Aquapark Budva

Are you looking for something more exciting than the beach? Aquapark Budva is the perfect destination for families seeking adventure. With seven slides up to 26 meters high and nearly 600 meters long, you can unleash your inner daredevil. Once you’re done, you can relax in the giant wave or hydromassage pool, grab a drink at the pool bar, or rejuvenate in the massage room with various face and body treatments.

Located at Topliški Put, Budva 85310, Montenegro, Aquapark Budva is accessible by bus near Budva Old Town, just a 5-minute drive from the town centre. It’s open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

Hawaii Beach

Escape to the natural beauty of Sveti Nikola Island, Hawaii Island, in the Adriatic Sea opposite Budva town. This budget-friendly destination is perfect for families, photographers, and adventure seekers. Accessible only by water taxi or boat, the island boasts three large sandy beaches and several small, secluded rocky beaches. Take a day trip to swim in crystal-clear waters and admire the breathtaking landscape of blue skies and green coniferous forests.

Although part of Sveti Nikola is privately owned, Hawaii Beach on the island’s northern shore is open to the public. You can take in the picturesque scenery during your visit and even spot a wild deer, rabbit, or bird. Don’t miss out on this idyllic location in Školj, Montenegro.

Brajiči Hills

The Brajiči Hills offer a budget-friendly and picturesque adventure for those seeking a panoramic view of the bay of Budva. A scenic drive will lead you to Kosmac Fortress, a historical border between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Montenegro. While abandoned, the fortress offers stunning views of the Budva coast and a spacious courtyard perfect for photo opportunities, especially during sunsets. Those seeking more thrills can paraglide off the nearby hills for an aerial view of the fortress, Bečići Beach, and Sveti Stefan. Paragliding is available year-round, with the summer being the most popular time. The Brajiči Hills are located in Montenegro.

Discover the Hidden Oasis of Krapina Village

Krapina Village is a serene and secluded destination that offers budget-conscious travellers, adventurous families, and photography enthusiasts a refreshing escape. Though the road to the village may be narrow and winding, the experience of finally reaching this hidden paradise nestled in the mountains is worth it. Located just a short 15 to 20-minute drive from Budva town, Krapina Village is not your typical village but more of a farm surrounded by lush forests.

At Krapina Village, you can indulge in a range of delightful experiences, such as savouring farm-bred fish, homemade bread, cheeses, and honey at the on-site restaurant or dip in the freshwater pool near a small but beautiful waterfall. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try ziplining across the canyon to reach the farm.

We suggest spending at least half a day at Krapina Village to make the most of your visit. You can soak up the tranquil ambience of the village while relishing homemade food, swimming, and relaxing in the peaceful garden on the property.

Krapina Village is located in Krapina, Montenegro.

Rustovo Monastery

The Rustovo Monastery is a serene nunnery on Chelobrdo Hill that offers breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea. It is perfect for those on a budget interested in history, photography, and adventure. To reach the monastery, one can either drive or hike through the Yegor Strganov trail, passing through the charming village of Chelobrdo and a forest. Upon arrival, friendly nuns will welcome you and provide a tour of the convent. The church houses religious icons devoted to the Holy Mother of God.

To gain entry, ring the bell at the door, and a sister will be notified of your presence and will guide you through the premises. The monastery closes at 7:30 pm, so arriving a few hours before sunset is advisable to relish the peaceful surroundings. A small souvenir shop also sells natural products such as tea, soap, and olive oil.

The Rustovo Monastery is located in Čelobrdo, Montenegro.

Restaurant Jadran

Come and dine at Restaurant Jadran, a renowned family-owned eatery that caters to couples and families alike. Situated beside the sea in Slovenska, this restaurant has operated since 1976 and features a biker bar theme. Jadran offers a variety of seafood, grilled dishes, and Balkan cuisine. Be sure to try their fish soup or seafood platter, which includes grilled fish, calamari, mussels, and shrimp. You could also sample ćevapčićia, a local delicacy of minced meat shaped like a kebab, served with pita and fries.

Car and bike enthusiasts will appreciate the owner’s collection of vehicles on display outside the restaurant. In the evenings, a live band often performs, adding to the lively ambience of Jadran.

Located in Slovenska Obala, Budva, Montenegro, Restaurant Jadran is open daily from 7 am to 1 am.

Explore Old Town Budva with a fun pub crawl!

Old Town Budva is an excellent destination for those interested in nightlife, couples looking for a romantic getaway, and history enthusiasts. The town is surrounded by defensive stone walls, providing a safe and pedestrian-friendly environment for strolling. Despite suffering extensive damage during the earthquake of 1979, the town has been reconstructed over the past eight years, and the damage is hardly noticeable.

At night, the narrow cobblestone streets of Old Town Budva come to life with cafes, restaurants, and pubs. To fully experience Budva’s nightlife, consider going on a pub crawl in the Old Town, where you can visit cocktail bars and British pubs that stay open until late.

Located in Stari Grad, Budva, Montenegro, Old Town Budva is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a fun and historical experience.

TQ Plaza

Explore the TQ Plaza, a contemporary shopping centre in Budva where you can indulge in retail therapy. The mall is designed to resemble a ship and has three floors, offering a range of dining options, cafes, a cinema, clothing stores, and a gym. With air-conditioning, it provides a haven from the hot weather in Budva during the summer. Conveniently located just one minute’s walk from Slovenska Beach and five minutes from Budva’s Old Town, it’s perfect for families and shoppers. You can find the TQ Plaza at 53 Mediteranska, Budva 85310, Montenegro, and it’s open daily from 8 am to 11 pm.