Explore: Where to Stay in Montenegro

July 27th 2023 in Explore
Explore: Where to Stay in Montenegro

Explore: Where to Stay in Montenegro

Montenegro is a hidden gem of the Balkans. It has a luxurious coastal retreat and a tranquil escape from nature. If you are looking for an adventure-filled stay, Montenegro has it all. As you plan your journey to Montenegro, we'll guide you through 14 places to stay in Montenegro. Each place has charm, comfort, and easy access to most attractions.

14 Best Places to Stay in Montenegro

1. Kotor

Kotor is within ancient city walls. It offers a picturesque medieval setting and stunning bay views. You can stay in boutique hotels or guesthouses in Kotor. So, enjoy the town's history and atmosphere.

2. Budva

Budva is famous for its vibrant nightlife, sandy beaches, and historic landmarks. Choose from luxury resorts with private beaches or cosy apartments. It is near the Old Town.

3. Tivat

Tivat is a mecca for yacht enthusiasts, boasting the glamorous Porto Montenegro marina. Stay in waterfront hotels or chic apartments and indulge in luxury shopping and fine dining.

4. Perast

Perast is a charming coastal town known for its Baroque architecture and nearby islets. Stay in historic palaces turned boutique hotels and relish the serenity of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

5. Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is famous for its healing sea air and natural springs. Choose from spa resorts or wellness retreats and rejuvenate your body and mind in this coastal haven.

6. Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan is an iconic islet adorned with a luxurious Aman resort. Experience exclusivity and luxury amidst breathtaking coastal views.

7. Ulcinj

Ulcinj offers sandy beaches and a laid-back ambience. Choose from budget-friendly hotels or eco-friendly lodges. You can explore the town's vibrant cultural scene.

8. Cetinje

Cetinje is Montenegro's former royal capital. It has the scenic mountains. Stay in guesthouses or boutique hotels and explore nearby national parks and historic landmarks.

9. Bar

Bar boasts stunning beaches and olive tree-dotted landscapes. Choose from beachfront resorts or charming agritourism accommodations for a relaxing stay.

10. Petrovac

Petrovac offers a tranquil setting with two lovely beaches. Opt for family-run hotels or cosy apartments for an intimate and laid-back escape.

11. Zabljak

Zabljak is an ideal base for exploring Montenegro's rugged north and Durmitor National Park. Stay in mountain lodges or chalets and embark on thrilling outdoor adventures.

12. Plav

Plav is a lesser-known gem surrounded by stunning mountain scenery and the beautiful Lake Plav. Choose from rustic lodges or family-owned guesthouses for an authentic Montenegrin experience.

13. Niksic

Niksic is Montenegro's second-largest city, known for its industrial heritage and beer culture. Stay in comfortable hotels or apartments and discover the city's historic landmarks.

14. Virpazar

Virpazar is a charming village that serves as a gateway to the scenic Lake Skadar. Stay in countryside guesthouses or family-run B&Bs and explore the lake's natural beauty.

Montenegro offers many options to suit every traveller's desires, from coastal towns and medieval treasures to mountain retreats and serene lakeside getaways. Each place to stay in Montenegro promises an unforgettable experience. Choose the one that matches your travel preferences. Get ready to embrace this Balkan jewel's beauty, history, and warm hospitality.